Humble Beginnings

Misty Mountain had it's humble beginnings with a small idea started by Roy Underwood, its founder in 1992. Who decided during one of our countries worst recessions to close down his business in the big city and move his family back to the mountains of North East Georgia, where he decided to start a fish farm, called Peach State Fish Farm. It was during the following 2 years that Roy recognized the need for proper food and medications, specially formulated for Koi on the market. Things that were simply not there or readily available. So, he decided to create a line of products that would not only feed peoples beloved pets, but treat their sicknesses and environments as well. This is when the concept of Misty Mountain was born.

In 1995 Misty Mountain was officially born and well on its way from becoming an idea to a corporation owned and ran by the Underwood family. With its first line of food (Ichiban) a huge success on the market and lots of big trucks coming in and out of its distribution center on a daily basis. Misty Mountain was well on its way to bigger and better things, like its Winner's Choice Gourmet food with Spiralina and its all time #1 all natural hit, Sludge Eater.

By 1997 Misty Mountain's corporate offices were finally complete. And with a total of 6 employees, the Underwood family made Misty's success happen. And by 2001 Misty was operating 20+ employees with a substantial increase in product line and quality. Including the original Dechlorinator Plus and Sludge Away.

It was about this same time in the fall of 2000 that the Underwoods welcomed Dexter Sherrell into the family having married their daughter, Mandy. Dexter Sherrell a certified welder at the time and a wartime veteran joined the family business in 2001 and brought a whole new level of professionalism and quality control to the company as he began to weld and inspect every Carefree UV unit that was ordered, produced, and shipped out the door. Mandy also joined about this time and started learning some of the ropes to the company as an assistant secretary.

In 2003 following some great years in Koi sales Misty Mountain suffered a huge blow, when they family learned that the water quality in their ponds had demolished due to land developments around the property poisoning their fish. And with this, the family was forced to make some tough decisions. Decisions that would include shutting down the Koi sales for good, and primarily focusing on product sales. 

Since this time Misty Mountain Inc has faced many highs and lows. But still remains solid, thanks to the un-wavering support of her loyal customers. And it is with such support that we here at Misty Mountain will continue to strive to not only bring our customers the very best in quality products, but we will also be more than happy to assist any customer with any questions that they may have regarding our fine products.

Misty Mountain Inc. A small family business. 100% MADE IN THE USA.